The Arkansas Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) is responsible for establishing the State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE), the statewide interoperable health information exchange, and for coordinating health information technology activities throughout the state.  Through the use of federal and state resources, OHIT and SHARE will improve the quality of health for Arkansans by enabling the more effective use of electronic health information technology to improve the delivery of healthcare services.

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Did You Know?   Widespread use of health information technology can save the US health care system $162 billion every year.
Did You Know?   8 million medication errors occur every year. Using health information technology could reduce that number by two thirds.
Did You Know?   Health Information Exchange is the electronic movement of health-related data and information among health care providers and organizations.
Did You Know?   An Electronic Health Record is an electronic record of health-related information that can be shared across many health care organizations.
Did You Know?   Allowing a physician to retrieve patient’s records quickly and completely speeds the delivery of appropriate care, and avoids unnecessary duplicative testing, medical errors and extra costs.
Did You Know?   By using HIT, the Cowherd Family Medical Center in Heber Springs has received $50,000 in incentive payments for improving care patients receive.
Did You Know?   Use of an EHR by ARCare in Augusta has increased patient satisfaction in the care they receive.
Did You Know?   The average American has seen 18.7 different doctors, and each doctor keeps his or her own unique piece of a patient's health record.